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NBA Round 2 Rankings and Predictions

These are pending tomorrows results, and will be edited then as well.

  1. A. Cavs


  1. B Lakers
  2. Nuggets
  3. Mavs
  4. Magic
  5. Rockets
  6. Celtics
  7. Heat/Hawks

Cavs over Heat...I think the Heat advance, but either way easy road to conf. finals in 5 Hawks, 6 if heat games vs.....

Magic Over Celtics in 6

Lakers over Rockets in 6

Nuggets over Mavs in 7

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5 Must-Do's for the Pacers

 1<sup>st</sup> -Re-Sign Jarrett Jack. There is no exception to it. The Pacers have no excuse in not signing him. He was the only Pacers player to play in all 82 games. And for a franchise that has had a history of injured players, it is a luxury to have someone as durable and effective as Jack. He averaged 13.1 PPG and 4 APG, but those numbers would be higher had he been starter the entire year. In a recent interview Jack announced his desire to stay in Indiana, and applauded Bird for putting together a locker room full of great guys that have fun together.

2<sup>nd</sup>- Get a Defensive PF. A Jermaine O’Neal of 2004 or 2005 would be ideal. They need to get a defensive minded Power Forward. Roy Hibbert and Troy Murphy may be the worst 4-5 defensive combo in the NBA, no exaggerating. Playing Murphy and Hibbert together should not be done too much. But they do bring a unique offensive combo, especially as Hibbert continue to develop his post game. Either through the NBA Draft, Free Agency, or Trade this needs to be a top goal. My preference would be trade. I want Tyson Chandler on this team, and he is definitely available.

3<sup>rd</sup>- Get rid of some overpriced contracts. I know that is easier said than done, especially in this economy, but it is a must. They have too many bad contracts i.e. Jamaal Tinsley, Mike Dunleavy Jr., and Troy Murphy. It will be even harder since Dunleavy is out until January and did not play much last season, making his stock at an all-time low. If a good PF is brought it and Brandon Rush continues to develop his outside shot, suddenly Murphy could become expendable.

4<sup>th</sup>- Trade Jamaal Tinsley. How this man is still on the roster is both extremely baffling and frustrating for Pacers fans. Larry Bird had a deal at the deadline, but couldn’t get it together with the Orlando Magic who went with Rafer Alston. Dead wood is what we like to call him. At nearly $7.00 Million last year, he contributed exactly 0 minutes. Maybe a little less. It is a waste of CAP and money for an organization that is struggling to make ends meet.

I have come up with some possible trades:

Jamaal Tinsley to the Miami Heat in exchange for U. Haslem.

Houston could also be interested in Tinsley. They need a scoring minded PG.

Tinsley to the Knicks for Jeffries

5<sup>th</sup>-  Continue to develop young talents. There is talent on the roster no doubt. Danny Granger has emerged as a go-to guy with a killer shot. He is lacking the killer instinct though. Brandon Rush has shown flashes of being a scorer and a defensive nightmare. He must continue to progress and emerge as a guy they can count on to score on a daily basis. Hibbert needs to continue to develop his footwork. You can see the huge difference from the beginning of the season to the end on how much it improved. But there is still a lot of work to do. Adding a free agent assistant coach like Patrick Ewing would do wonders for Roy. He also needs to be a better post defender. Learn how not to pick up a foul every 3 or 4 minutes.

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Season Rewind: Pacers


Back in his hey-day Larry “The Legend” Bird said, “When I was young, I never wanted to leave the court until I got things exactly correct. My dream was to become a pro.” Now, Bird, President of Basketball Operations with the Pacers, has a tough task ahead of him. Probably the hardest job he has had since retiring from the NBA as a player. The task? Rebuilding the Indiana Pacers, who many believe is one of the tougher rebuilding jobs in the NBA right now.

            The foundation is there. Danny Granger, the forth year swingman out of New Mexico, has emerged as the primary scorer and leader of the Indiana Pacers. Fifth in the NBA in scoring (25.8 PPG), Granger has also excelled defensively; guarding primarily the opposing teams best offensive threat.

            Barring some Magic in New York during the NBA Draft Lottery on May 19<sup>th</sup>, the Pacers will select the 13<sup>th</sup> pick in the draft. The obvious need is a defensive minded Power Forward, but in a draft class that is not too deep with big man talent outside of consensus top 5 picks Blake Griffin and Hasheem Thabeet, the Pacers will have to select the best available player. Last year, the Pacers selected Jarred Bayless, and later traded him to Portland for Brandon Rush among others, and later acquired Roy Hibbert in a trade with the Raptors sending Jermaine O’Neal, and his hefty contract, out of Indiana. Rush emerged towards the end of the season when he was given the starter job. He will likely keep that job starting next year, but Hibbert has struggled a little bit. Roy has shown flashes of brilliance, only to get in foul trouble. Out of players that played at least forty games, Hibbert led the NBA with 10.2 fouls/48 Minutes. Troy Murphy was sensational. He became the only player in NBA History to finish in the top 5 in both 3PT% and Rebounding. Only Larry Bird finished Top 10 in both categories. But he is a big defensive liability.

            The Pacers have a lot of contracts coming off the books this year. The way the numbers break down, they will have 8-10 MM in CAP room this summer to sign talent. Some will be used to re-sign Jarrett Jack who emerged as the starting PG, passing T.J. Ford. They have their Mid-Level Exemption as well to sign a player. A trade for a big man is not out of the picture either, as the Hornets and Knicks will be looking to unload the contracts of Tyson Chandler and Eddy Curry respectively. But the primary goal for Bird and the Pacers should be re-signing Jarrett Jack. Granger, the cornerstone of the franchise, meshes very well with Jack.

            Although the Pacers finished 10 games below .500, there is optimism for them. They are the only team in the NBA to beat each of the division leaders at least once. They play up to their competition, but play down to teams they should beat as well such as the Wizards and Thunder. But the goal was clearly to make the playoffs with Larry Birds refusal to use the R word…rebuilding, even though the Pacers are clearly in rebuilding mode. “We’re disappointed we didn’t make the playoffs, but we did some outstanding things despite that,” Coach Jim O’Brien said.

            I will be posting a more in depth article at a look at each individual player who projects to be on the roster next season. So check back often! Feedback is welcome, and comments are encouraged.

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NFL Mock Draft 4.0 (Final)

  1. Detroit Lions- QB Matthew Stafford- They need a face of that franchise. Makes sense to take Jason Smith, but Stafford is too good of a talent to pass up. QB should be their biggest need right now. They are negotiating with Stafford, Smith, and Curry, but are being very secretive.  Tom Condon was in Detroit, but it has to be difficult negotiating with an agent that represents two of your targets.
  2. St. Louis Rams OT Jason Smith- Last year they addressed the defensive line, this year they will go offensive. Losing Pro-Bowler and Future HOF LT Orlando Pace leaves a glaring hole on the left side to protect Mark Bulger and get the running game going for one of the top backs Steven Jackson.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs LB Aaron Curry- Overall the best talent in the class in my opinion. Always around the ball, and will be a Patrick Willis type of LB. Has all the tools to be a Super Star in the league for years to come.
  4.  Seattle Seahawks DT B.J. Raji- A lot of talk about maybe drafting Michael Crabtree, or Mark Sanchez with Matt Hasselback getting up there in years, but Raji is a once of a kind DT. They are rebuilding, they can get a QB in a later round, or next year. Reports that surfaced weeks ago about Raji testing positive proved to be false, so his stock should not plummet.
  5.  Cleveland Browns QB Mark Sanchez- All indications are that Mark Sanchez or Michael Crabtree will be drafted at #5. They are actively shopping Brady Quinn and Braylon Edwards, and a deal should be reached on draft day, the only question now is to who?
  6.  Cincinnati Bengals DE Brian Orakpo- DE is a desperate need for the Bengals. They can also use a WR if talks are true about Chad wanting a trade (according to TJ). But Orakpo is a can miss guy.
  7. Oakland Raiders OT Eugene Monroe- Todd McShay of ESPN reported on Friday that the Raiders WILL select an offensive tackle with their first pick. The only question is who. They may also go with Andre Smith. Michael Crabtree is solid pick, but does he really fit the offense? I think Maclin would be better for them.
  8.  Jacksonville Jaguars WR Michael Crabtree- Supposedly Tory Holt and the Jaguars have began negotiations on a contract, and a deal should be done before the draft. They got Tra Thomas to shore up the line for a few years, which gives them flexibility to trade out of take the best available player. Which is clearly Crabtree.
  9. Green Bay Packers LB/DE Aaron Maybin- Would love BJ Raji here, but Maybin is an ideal fit for a new 3-4 defense. Can’t go wrong with a LB from LB University Penn State
  10. San Francisco 49ers OT Andre Smith- Has a few character issues, but when you turn on the game film, there is no issue there. One of the better raw talents in the class. QB is also a need that will be addressed should Sanchez falls to them, and don’t sleep on them trading their second round pick for Brady Quinn.
  11.  Buffalo Bills DE Tyson Jackson. Offensive Line is a need, but they will not reach for one, Oher isn’t a top 20 talent in the class, defiantly not 11.
  12. Denver Broncos DE Everette Brown. They MUST go defense with their picks. LB and DE are the two obvious needs. They may also package some picks to move up. Maybe to 3 with Kansas City, or 8 with Jacksonville
  13. Washington Redskins OT Michael Oher- They need a OT. There is no question about that. They would also LIKE a QB, but I think Jason Cambell is a solid young QB. Offensive line is a bigger need when you play the Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys twice a year.
  14. New Orleans Saints RB Chris Wells- I think everyone is pretty certain that Reggie Bush is NOT an every down back. They need to pair him with a bruiser, and Wells is just that. Had he not been hurt last year, he could have been a top 10 pick.
  15. Houston Texans DB Malcolm Jenkins. Speed is a big concern for Jenkins, but I think the Texans would love if Jenkins fell to them at 15. He is solid, and fundamentally strong. Will lock down a WR for enough time to let Mario Williams get to the QB.
  16.  San Diego Charger DE Robert Ayers- A lot of people were saying RB, but I think Darren Sproiles and LT are good enough of a 1-2 punch. They are especially thin in the depth chart at DE.
  17. New York Jets RB Knowshan Moreno- They really need a QB, but I don’t think Josh Freeman is really who they want. Could jump in the mix for Brady Quinn, or always a favorite to move up and get one of the two big name QB’s.
  18. Denver Broncos LB Rey Malaluga- Addressed DE with the first pick, now they will go to LB. Malaluga is clearly a leader, something this defense needs in the front 7.
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman- With Gruden gone, the Bucs will finally look at developing a QB. They would obviously love to get Sanchez for the West Coast offense, but Freeman is a solid young guy.
  20.  Detroit Lions (via Cowboys) LB Clay Matthews: Got a QB and face with the 1<sup>st</sup> overall pick, could look at OT, but don’t really see any that would merit the 20<sup>th</sup> pick. Clay Matthews is a solid pick, even with his recent Red Flags on his Face Book Page (pathetic)
  21. Philadelphia Eagles TE Brandon Pettigrew- They need a TE. They have Jackson to stretch the field, now they need the big guy that can go 5-10 yards down in the middle of the field. Clearly the best TE in the class.
  22. Minnesota Vikings WR Jeremy Maclin. This year’s man who slips. Good thing he won’t have to endure it since he was not invited to the Draft in New York. 
  23.  New England Patriots LB Brian Cushing- The 3<sup>rd</sup> USC LB to be chosen in the drafts drop 23 picks. Would be a good fit in the defense, and would suddenly turn an old LB core to a young one paired with second year LB Mayo.
  24. Atlanta Falcons DB Vontae Davis- They would like the get TE Pettigrew, but I think the Eagles will beat them to him. Still a player to trade for Tony Gonzalez.
  25. Miami Dolphins DB Darius Butler- They would prefer Davis, but Butlers stock is rising. They need a DB, and Bill Parcells will look at DB. There is also small chatter of them trading Ronnie Brown. Maybe a package deal with the pick to move up?
  26. Baltimore Ravens WR Darius Hayward-Bey- One of the more impressive performances at the combine in recent memory for a WR. He defiantly played himself into a solid first round selection in Indianapolis.
  27. Indianapolis Colts DT Peria Jerry- I think this pick is pretty much set in stone. DT is a glaring hole. They have dominant pass rushers Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, now they need someone to plug the holes in the running game.
  28. Buffalo Bills (via Eagles) DE Larry English- They got one DE earlier in the draft, now they will get excellent value for their pick here. If somehow Pettigrew slips past the Eagles and Falcons, the Bills will jump on him
  29. New York Giants WR Percy Harvin- Could be players for Braylon Edwards or Anquan Boldin. Either way they are going to need a WR. With Burress off the team, it seems to be one of the only needs.
  30. Tennessee Titans DB Sean Smith- They can also use a WR, but if Bey and Harvin are gone, I don’t see them reaching for one. Especially with a need a DB. Smith is versatile and can player safety as well.
  31. Arizona Cardinals RB Donald Brown- RB is a big need. Brown at 31 fills a need, and is good value. He is one of the more under rated players in the class.
  32. Pittsburg Steelers C/G Alex Mack- If there is a weakness on this team it is the offensive line. Interior Line to be more specific. Alex Mack is a versatile line men, and would be a perfect fit for the Super Bowl Champions.
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Post-Combine NFL Mock Draft 3.0

NFL Mock Draft 3.0 

  1. Detriot Lions. Matthew Stafford. He is a stud. Monster arm, and they need a face for that franchise. It should be Calvin Johnson, I can't seem to figure out why people don't think he is the face.
  2. St. Louis Rams. Jason Smith. Went with the defensive line with the 2nd pick this year. Should go offensive line this year. Orlando Pace anchored that line for quite a while. His time is up. Jason Smith is athletic, and very possibly the top pick in the draft. Very athletic.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs. Aaron Curry They just got Matt Cassell. Which is bad news for Sanchez. Whom ever does not get picked first, because they are going to slip, and slip FAST.
  4. Seattle Seahawks. Michael Crabtree. Maybe safer picks, and with Matt Hassellback withering away, may not be a bad idea to trade down to allow teams who would LOVE to draft here, and take a QB all the meanwhile saving serious cash for not paying a top 5 pick they don't neccesarily need.
  5. Cleveland BrownsBrian Orapoka This team is a mess. I don't get them. And with Browns fans already fed up with Mangini, looks like tough roads ahead. They are in need of a defensive force. He would be a great addition next to Shaun Rodgers or even as an OLB.
  6. Cincinati Bengals. Any misfits in this draft class? Nothing bad enough to play for the Bengals? Ok. Eugene Monroe. He could be as high as the number one pick. He is a great talent, and maybe the safest pick in this entire class. They may also go defense, more specifically defensive line. But as a Jaguars fan, this may be wishful thinking.
  7. Oakland RaidersJeremy Maclin. They can not go into the season with Johnny Lee Higgens and Javon Walker as their starting WR's. I think Higgens led the team with like 25 receptions last year. Either way, they have Kalif Barnes to protect the blind side of JaMarcus Russell (BUST) for this year, so they can put off drafting a tackle.
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars. BJ Raji. He is the ma. He is a great run stopper, and can rush the passer. Basically goes after anything and everything with the ball. Great addition next to John Henderson. Still think they are a good pick to trade down. One because Raji may not be here, and 2, I don't know if they can really afford another top 10 pick.
  9. Green Bay Packers. Everette Brown They are switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4. They would love ot have Orapoka, but Brown is almost just as good, and may turn out to be better. I really like him.
  10. San Francisco 49ers. Mark Sanchez. A California kid, He is not NFL ready in my opinion, but should be solid. Not NFL ready, but may turn out be a better option the former top pick Alex Smith and current starter Shaun Hill.
  11. Buffalo Bills. Aaron Maybin. Many people seem to think he is a one hit wonder with the Nittney Lions, but as a fan of the Big 10, and watching much of this guy. He is the real deal. Ideal OLB, and a terrific blitzer.
  12. Denver Broncos. Rey Malaluga. They ARE going defense. The only question is defensive line or LB. I think a hard hitting on the field leader is best for the. Could also look at Tyson Jackson.
  13. Washington Redskins Andre Smith. Although his stock has been plummeting since the Combine, and then kept dropping after his less then stellar Pro Day, his talent is way too much to drop any further.
  14. New Orleans Saints. Malcolm Jenkins. Yet to be seen whether he will go to SS or stay at CB since posting sub par 40 times at the combine.
  15. Houston Texans Clay Matthews. A USA LB. The weird thing is that it is not set in stone which of the 3 USC LB's are going to go first. The Texans can use a LB opposite of Mario Williams. If Malaluga is still on the board I don't see them taking him. They have one of the premier MLB's who is very young in Ryans. Good pairing, and a very under rated player.
  16. San Diego Chargers. Tyson Jackson. The monster DE from LSU. They lost Igor the the Cowboys. Restructured LT so Wells and Moreno are out. Solid selection, and safe pick. Could also go LB.
  17. New York Jets. Chris Wells. Thomas Jones was stellar. Leon Washington, uhm, I'll take Wells. But in all reality, I don't see the Jets picking here at all. They will trade up to get a QB. But if the order stays this way, Chris Wells would be great to pair with Jones. Wells ran a 4.3 at his pro day. Pretty damn fast.
  18. Chicago Bears. Vonte Davis. The best CB in this class IMO. A product of Illinios, but needs better work ethic. Would be FORCED to play hard, or feel the wrath of Brian Urlacher. I think he will play hard.
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Peria Jerry. Lost out of Albert Haynesworth. Did they even have a shot? The 2nd best DT, and the Bucs will all but certainly look to build from the defensive side of the ball and work their way to the offensive line.
  20. Detriot Lions (Via Cowgirls Roy Williams Trade) Michael Oher. Could take a OT with the first overall pick, but for some reason I still see them taking a QB. This would work out well. They get a QB to be the face of the franchise, and get a great tackle to protect his blindside at the same time.
  21. Philadelphia Eagles. Brandon Pettigrew. Was a solid bet to go 11th overall to the Bills, but his below average 40 times have exposed his below average skills. Eagles also need a RB, and could look at Moreno or Wells, if he falls this far.
  22. Minnesota VikingsDarrius Heyward-Bey. Would be nice to have as many weapons as possible on an offense lacking a QB. Clearly had the best combine of any WR. Could be an explosive weapon. They have a solid RB, one of the top OL, and a good WR in Berrian.
  23. New England Patriots. Clint Sintim. Played on the outside with Virginia, but is likly to move to the inside in a 3-4 scheme. Could be and will be a force to be wrecking with coupled with Jared Mayo as the ILB's. A solid 1-2 punch.
  24. Atlanta Falcons. Sen Derrick Marks. No more Grandy Jackson. Almost took Glenn Dorsey over Matt Ryan in last years draft, and they need help at DT where they are thin. Good value at the 24 spot. Coach Mike Smith would love to continue to build his defense.
  25. Miami Dolphins. Percy Harvin. Very hard pick here. Harvin is too big of a talent for them to pass up. Their offense needs more play makers, especially at WR. Could also take Larry English.
  26. Baltimore Ravens. D.J. Moore. They lost 3/4 of their secondary. Could also go Hayward Bey to give Joe Flacco more targets, but really need to get a solid corner. Solid pick, high value.
  27. Indianapolis Colts. Evander Hood. If only they had enough CAP to get Albert. They really REALLY need a DT to help out in run stopping. This is just the start. They are going to need to draft another DT in the next 3-4 rounds.
  28. Philadelphia Eagles. Eben Britton. Could package their 2 picks in the first round to move up, but the smart thing would be using both of them wisely. After filling a hole a TE, Britton would shore up the problems on the offensive line. Losing Vet LT Tra Thomas to the Jaguars will hurt, but adding a young OT who has the potential to be a rookie starter may be too enticing to pass up.
  29. New York Giants. Shaun O'Hara is turning 32. Not old, but the BAP may be Alex Mack. Which would not be a bad pick, but there are better picks. could go USC DT Fili Moala, but too much depth at DL may actually be a thing.
  30. Tennessee Titans. Alfanso Smith. They got Nate Washington in Free Agency. He isn't the permanent fix, but with Percy gone, and Nick Harper entering the final year of his deal at age 34, this could be a smart move. Allow him to play nickle for a year and then step him into the starting role next to Pro Bowl CB Finnagin.
  31. Arizona Cardinals. Knowshaun Moreno. Absolutly need a RB, they still have not let go of Edge after he reportedly pleaded for them to cut him. He could still go, but not until the Cardinals have their backup plan.
  32. Pittsburgh Steelers. Max Unger. The offensive line played well down the stretch, but they really need help there. This is the only spot they need to improve in. Unger can play either C or Guard, so his virsitility is good. But if  Alex Mack is still on the board, he may be a better fit for C.

There it is, what do you guys think? Took me a LONG time. Hope you guys enjoy!




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Grading NFL Free Agency Team-by-Team....


Arizona Cardinals: D

Nothing, placed Franchise on Karlos Dansby. Lost Antonio Smith to the Texans, and JJ Arrington to the Broncos. Edge wants out, and they have done nothing to address a big concern at RB. Tim Hightower and Leshan McCoy could be it.

Atlanta Falcons: C-

List a ton of players, resigned some more, And haven't sign anyone from outside the organization. Michael Boley, Keith Brooking, Dom. Foxworth, Grady Jackson amoung departures.

Baltimore Ravens: C+

A lot of moving around. This is a generous C. Bart Scott gone and Ray Lewis staying at LB. Jim Leonhard also leaving to be with former coach Rex Ryan. Did bring in Matt Birk to help out in the running game. After cutting McCalister signing Domonique Foxworth from the Falcons helps a little. Tagged Terell Suggs again, so that could be it for him in Baltimore after this season.

Buffalo Bills C:

List Guard Derrick Dockery to the Redskins. Other then that, nothing big, besides stealing Drayton Florence from the Chargers. I thought they had agreed to terms, but I guess Florence has actually signed with the Bills.

Carolina Panthers C:

Have lost offensivlinemen Geoff Hangartner and Frank Omiyale, Franchised Julius Peppers, agreed to terms (but not officially signed) deal with Jordan Gross. Until they sort out the Peppers issue, and sign Gross, remains a C. They also have a boat load of others to sign.

Chicago Bears C:

Signed OL Omiyale, cut Mike Brown and Marty Booker, And that's absolutly it so far.

Cincinatti Bengals: C+

Lost TJ, but signed Coles. I rather have TJ, but Coles is pretty good. Good speed. Lost Stacy Andrews. And Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Cleveland Browns: C

Lost Andra Davis, signed TE Robert Royal.  Yeah that's about it.

Dallas Cowboys: C- 

Lost Terrell Owens today, also cut Roy L Williams and Adam Jones. Brought in an old Keith Brooking, and resigned Miles Austin. Lost Chris Canty to a division foe.

Denver Broncos: B

One of the busiest offseasons by any team so far. Signed THREE runningbacks in the form of JJ Arrington, LaMont Jordan, and Correll Buckhalter. Also got Pro Bowler Brian Dawkins from the Eagles. Got slot WR Jabar Gaffney. Signed backup Chris Simms. A lot more going on, just too much to list. So far, so good.

Detriot Lions: D+

Cut Mike Furrey. signed  Phillip Buchanon from the Buccs. So many holes to fill, not doing it nearly fast enough.

Green Bay Packers: C

Lost Colin Cole, and that is it.

Houston Texans: B+

Best offseason so far IMO. Added a playoff proven Antonio Smith to an already sickening defensive front 4. He is the absolute perfect compliment to Mario Williams. Traded Sage Rosenfels to the Vikings and added Dan Orlovsky to back up Matt Shaubb. Doing a nice job resigning so far.

Indianapolis Colts: C-

Lost Marvin Harrison, and Darrell Reid. As their anual restructuring goes on, nothing else has.

Jacksonville Jaguars: F, ok maybe D+ but they should get an F

My team, and soon to be former team. Cut Legend Fred Taylor who went to the Patriots. Have done absolutly nothing besides re-sign Meester and Starks, and some guy Sean Considine from the Eagles. Who? I know. New regime, bad start. Young stud Kalif Barnes wasn't stud like, and still a chance he comes back and continues to develop SSSSS LLLLLLL OOOOOO WWWWWW LLLLLLLL YYYYYYYY

Kansas City Chiefs B-

Got Matt Cassell, and Mike Vrebal for a good price. Other then that absolutly nothing. But they just got a franchise player in a QB, and now have the chance to get a LB in the draft that is the same on the otherside of the ball.

Miami Dolphins: B

Bill Parcells was at it fast again. Jumping on resigning key free agents and bringning in Gabril Wilson at a good price. Could still be in the market for a WR, but cutting Vonnie Holliday opens the day for Phillip Merling to being to start with Langford.

Minnasota Vikings C-

Lost Matt Birk, a top Center. Traded for Sage Rosenfels who will surely compete with Jackson for a starting spot. But seriously Rosenfels? Still have an outside shot if Jay Cutler does hit the block.

New England Patriots: B-

Got good value for Cassell. Don't really have to pay crazy money for a 1st rounder and get a good, high 2nd round pick in a deep draft. Got rid of the Vrebal salary. Sign Fred Taylor who will start IMO. Could get Terrell Owens. making this team SICKENING with HOF talent all over the place. Did also bring in big name Shawn Springs.

New Orleans Saints C

Could also land Owens. Signed Former Pat Heath Evans. Nothing else worth noting went on so far besides re-signing Vilma to a long term contract. Good move.

New York Giants: B

Do they EVER have enough defensive linemen. As a Jaguars fan, pass some our way huh? Signed one of the best DE's available in Canty, and took him away from a big division rival. Double Bonus. Should really offer Plaxico Burress for Anquan Boldin just to see, doubt it would happen. Need another running back losing Derrick Ward to the Buccanears.

New York Jets: B+

Boy did Rex Ryan hit the ground running. Luring in former LB Powerhouse Bart Scott who will likely play the Ray Lewis role in this defense. Also brought in starting safety Leohard and traded for Lito. A bolstered defense that already included a lot of talent. Lost Coles. They really need a WR and QB.


Re-signed Shane Lechlar and Asmugha. Sure setting the bench mark for them, but how else is Al Davis going to get players to stay with the Raiders? At least he over paid the right players this time. They are two of the best at their poss.

Philadelphia Eagles: D+

Lost Buckhalter and Dawkins to the Broncos. Traded Shepphard for next to nothing. and haven't really signed anyone else.

Blitzburg Steelers and YOUR Super Bowl Champs: C

Lost Nate Washington to the Titans. Other then that, nothing.

San Diego Chargers: C

Haven't really done much but franchise Sproles.

Seattle Seahawks: B-

Got TJ to sign with them. Other then that, everything else is pretty steady.

San Francisco 49ers: C

They got Kurt Warner to take a trip. Did lose like 20,000 flying in Kurt and his wife and 7 kids via Private Jet, but they tried. They did get Brandon Jones who did well in the playoffs.

St. Louis Rams: C

Brought in Jason Brown from the Ravens to be the center. Shopping Torry Holt and Orlando Pace, two future HOF'ers IMO. Nothing else really going on, and could use T.O. to sell some tickets.

Tampa Bay Buccs; C+

Weird off season. Losing A LOT of franchise icons and fan favorites in Derrick Brooks, Cato June, Warrick Dunn, Joes Galloway, and Ike Hilliard. But they did get Derrick Ward who jumps into the lead to be the starter. But it should be a group effort next year. Seems like the Tampa 2 Cover 2 days are over.

Tennessee Titans: D

Lost Fat Albert which really really sucks for that defense. Did lose Brandon Jones and bring in Nate Washington which is a plus. Did re-sign Kerry Collins so the miserable Vince Young era is still on hold for a bit.

Washington Redskins; B

Got some good key players, but really overpaid for them. I have no problem over paying for Albert Haynesworth, but DeAngelo Hall? Really that much? Also got Derrick Dockery, who maybe the best offensive guard on the market. Cut Vet's Shawn Springs, Shaun Alexander, and Jason Taylor. Are still going to have to do a lot of things to cut CAP space.

So that's what I have. What do you guys think?


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MLB season Preview and Prediction.

                                    American League

This order the teams are listed in their divisions in the order I am projecting they will finish the year in the standings.
* Denote Wild Card Winner

AL East:

  1. New York Yankees. Is there a safer pick in baseball? They may come out of the gates a little slow I think, but they should sale into the playoffs. The rotation is one of the best ever assembled with CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Chin Ming Wang, and Andy Pettite at the top with Joba Chamberlain likely to be the 5th starter. CC will eb a 20 game winner for the first time in his career for sure. Mark my words.
  2. Tampa Bay Rays*. Yes, they wil beat out the Red Sox for the Wild Card. A full year of experience for stud 3B Evan Longoria, and the thrill fo watching Joe Maddons squad play baseball the way it was meant to be. Good solid pitching with rookie Price. Solid vet. leadership in the rotation brought by Scott Kasmir. This team is build right. Patt Burells bat is a nice addition with a lot of good expierience.
  3. Boston Red Sox. Too many question marks going into the season. Will David Ortiz produce? They can not afford to have him start slow like last season without Manny Ramirez. The Yankees can pull away if they play it right. A lot of question marks in the order, and with a liability like Jason Varitec in the line-up some one is going to have to step up, and step up big if they want a shot.
  4. Toronto Blue Jays. Roy Holliday is still there. That is enought to hold off the Baltimore for the 4th spot. They have a deent core, and with a solid group of young guys, and a steady diet of savy vets, will give the 3 division heavyweights some fits throughtout the season.
  5. Baltimore Orioles. Very poor rotation, and one of the worse in the AL in my humble opinion. Matt Weiters should be fun to watch. They worked out a deal to keep Brian Roberts after almost shipping him off to the Cubs. No much else to talk about this team exept, could be a team that gives off some pieces to contenders towards the Break and Deadline.

AL Central:

  1. Cleveland Indians. A very unpredictable team, with a suddenly strong bullpen with the key additions of Joe Smith and Kery Wood. The big questionmark remains the rotation. Losing CC Sabathia didn't seem to hurt the Tribe last season, they performed better when it was out of the clubhouse. But Cliff Lee will be solid again, probably not match his performence from 2008, but there is no reason to think he won't perform like the Ace he is asked to be. After that is a steady diet of ?, ?, ?, and.....?. The way Travis Hafner and Victor Matinez bounce back will be big. Nice addition in Mark Del Rosa. Choo emerged nicely, and could be a very solid 3 hitter if PRONK can't step into that role. I think he is better suited for the 6 spot to begin the season.
  2. Minnasota Twins. A very solid, young team. Adding Joe Crede obviously helps. Liriano will be back for a full season, and looked very good. Joe Mauer and Justin Mornoe all annual studs.
  3. Kansas City Royals. Ladys and Gentlemen, my boldest prediction. The Royals. I present you with a team that will kill contenders at the end of the season. The White Sox have taken a giant step backwards while their "stars" continue to get older. Rotation is a bit iffy.
  4. Detriot Tigers. Too much talent to finish last. With Jeremy Bonderman and Justin Verlander at the helm of the rotation, its hard to say what you are going to get as for pitching.They can't be as bad as they were last year can they? Miggy Cabrera should be a stud once again after a full season of adjusting to the American League.
  5. Chicago White Sox. I don't like anything about this team. What they are trying to do is beside me. They are now the "other" team in Chicago after winning a title relitivaly recently. They have a glaring cap in CF and 3B left by Ken Griffey Jr. and Joe Crede.

AL West:

  1. Oakland Athletics. Yeah I did say the Royals were my surprise team, but as far as divsion winners go, the A's maybe the biggest surprise. They took giant strides to get better by trading for MVP Candidate Matt Holliday, and bringning back vet slugger Jason Giambi. Bobby Crosby should be a lot better this year.  Justin Duchscherer has a solid year last season. Hopefully he can build off that season. Not really a big threat in the playoffs because of their depth in the rotation.
  2. Los Angelas Angels- Losing K-Rod and Mark Texiera in a off season is brutal enough. But htey did howver bring in vastly over rated OF Bobby Abreau to play a long side Vlad who is still a star. The Brian Fuentez signing isn't as big as people will think.
  3. Texas Rangers. Only here because the Mariners are such a dissappointment. Losing Milton could be big for Josh Hamiltons production without protection in the lineup. The offense is still good enough to win a few games for them, but the pitching is pathetic. Rivals that of the Orioles.
  4. Seattle Mariners. Bringing back Ken Griffey Jr. may sound good, but it isn't. He is not good by any stretch of the mind anymore. Still a beautiful swing, but I think they will send him to a contender at the deadline, both for the teams good, and his own good. Low salary will make him attractive to the likes of the Rays and Indians.

AL Playoffs:



Tampa Bay Rays @ Cleveland Indians

Oakland Athletics @ New York Yankees

                                         National League

NL East:

  1. New York Mets. Labeled the choke artist, but not after this season. They will make the Phillies eat their words. They are too strong in too many areas to be over looked. The bullpen is as strong as any with the addition of K-Rod and J.J. Putz, two very successfull closers. The offense is very good like usual with stars Jose Reyes and David Wright. Two of the best at their positions. A force to be recing with come September and October.
  2. Philadelphia Phillies*. Who would have thought they would comeback again to over take the Mets. Crazy. With sluggers Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, and Ryan Howard, how can you not count this team as a contender? Cole Hamels once again holding the fort as the Ace, this team will be tough again. My prediction for the Wild Card.
  3. Florida Marlins. Not as big as putting the Royals 3rd in the AL Central, but big considering they leap the Braves. Hanley Ramirez is fun to watch. This team always seems to do the right things when trading plays. Camron Maybin should be a nice bat in the lineup as he continues to develop.
  4. Atlanta Braves. Didn't do too much to improve in the offseason, but last I checked they still have Chipper Jones who is coming off a stellar season. Losing John Smoltz is a bigger blow to the fans then it is to the club, but nonetheless, still a blow. Brian McCann is one of the best backstops in the game.
  5. Washington Nationals. When will this team compete? They did in the off season for Mark Texiera, but to no avail. Adam Dunn wasa nice addition at the end of the off season, but he does not hit for very good average. Should be another disappointing season in the nations capital.

NL Central:

  1. Chicago Cubs. Big Z and now Rich Harden for the entire season will make the starting rotation pretty solid. The hitting is the best in the division already, adding Milton Brandley makes them even more dangerous. Alfanso Soriano needs to stay healthy for this team to advance deep into the playoffs and lift the "curse".
  2. St. Louis Cardinals. Albert Pujos has got to be the odds on favorite for the NL MVP. He is a stud in every sense of the word. But unfortunatly for them, not too much else going on in the lineup. Rick Ankiel is average, a little above at best. The rotation is no where near where it needs to be in order to not only compete with the Cubs, but compete in the playoffs.
  3. Houston Astros. I don't know why, but they will be 3rd. Lance Berkman is still one of the games best, along with Roy Oswalt. So with those two, its hard to drop them below 3 in a weak division.
  4. Cincinatti Reds. Nice young players in Jay Bruce and Edison Volquez. But no where near ready to compete by any stretch of the mind. On the right track though. Getting rid of Griffey was a nice first step. The rotation can be briliant or a complete bust with question marks Aaron Harang, Micah Owings, and Johnny Cueto. All 3 can pitch, but the question is can they do it consistently.
  5. Milwakee Brewers. Why everyone has them winning 85 games, and finishing as high as 2 in the division is ludacris. They lost CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets, their top 2, check that, their only two real pitchers in the rotation. JJ Hardy has dissappointed after a stellar season a few years back. Prince Fielder could also be dealt by the deadline leacing oly Ryan Braun.
  6. Pittsburg Pirates. Title Town-USA my butt. At least they have the Steelers right? This team is a disaster from top to bottom. Could soon be known as the Farm Team for the Yankees. Nate McLouth was atleast signed to an extension and Ryan Demoit continues to impress me.

NL West: Saving the worst for last.

  1. Arizona Diamondbacks. No one in the division has the pitching, any pitching for that matter, to match up with the two studs at the top of this rotation. Brandon Webb has been briliant year in and year out. Dan Haren is a Ace on any team in the division.The lineup may be a problem but Justin Upton is getting better and better.
  2. Los Angelas Dodgers. Manny or no Manny, this teams rotation is trash. Losing Brad Penny doesn't sting as much, but it would have been better to have at least added someone. Casey Blake is a solid versative hitter. Clayton Crenshaw will be a player to watch for this team. Either way they NEED Manny more then Manny needs them, no matter what anyone says.
  3. San Francisco Giants. Tim Lincecum came out of no where to dazzle. Barry Zito still needs to improve for this team to get any chance at a push for the post season. Who knows? If they jump in and swoop up ManRam, they could be a contender in the weak division.
  4. Colorado Rockies. Losing Matt Holliday (via trade to Oakland) is big. Add that with losing Brian Fuentez, this team took giant leaps backwards. Garett Atkins probably won't be in a Rockies uniform come the end of the season.
  5. San Diego Padres. With all the rumors swarming around Jake Peavy to the Cubs, he is still in a Padres uniform. But how long will that last? Virtually nothing after him in the rotation. But Adrien Gonzolez is still a top 1B in the league.

NL Playoffs:


Diamondbacks @ Mets

Phillies @ Cubs

Stay Tuned for playoff predictions and how I break it all down.

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